Do you know something is missing from your riding program but it doesn't feel like more time in the saddle is the answer?

Is this you?

  1. Do you want to improve your fitness so that you are 
    more effective in the saddle? 
  2. Do your hips, back, knees or elsewhere ache after you ride?
  3. Do you sometimes feel light-headed when you ride?
  4. Are you often exhausted at the end of your rides?
  5. Are you looking to level-up this season? 

You give your horse the best of everything…

  • The best stable with impeccable care
  • The best trainer with the most knowledge
  • The best, cutting-edge veterinary service
  • The best, top-drawer farrier available
  • The best tack, custom made when required

Best, best, best. But… 

You feel like something is missing from your time spent with your horse but you just can't put your finger on it...?

Meet Your Coach

 "Seeing the light go on for you is what makes me bounce out of bed every day!"


I'm Cait Lynch. I am a lifelong equestrian. I'm also a nutrition and fitness coach and author.

Training horses and coaching their people for over 30 years are what brought me to the fitness industry over 20 years ago. 

To help my clients perform better in the saddle, I knew I needed to help them with their fitness out of the saddle.

Connecting with you without your horse can be a great way to help you connect better with your horse.

Sharing proactive solutions that focus on wholistic wellness from the ground up, emphasizing that we are a result of the choices that we make.

Know better, choose better, be better.

Stay curious!


Cait Lynch, B.A Owner, Epic Sun Farm

Vitality Expert, Equestrian Trainer
Nutrition & Fitness Coach & Author 

We promote a community that serves anyone who wants to cultivate an authentic, abundant, and balanced life while encouraging others the opportunity to do the same.

More About Cait

Imagine if you could make real, lasting change in one day...You can!

"I felt like I was about to go skydiving! I was all geared-up, but just needed that nudge from Cait to head out the plane door." –Coaching Client

Join us for this specialized workshop with a like-minded community of horsewomen.

Ready for...

✔️ More confidence

✔️ Greater endurance

✔️ And more joy, on and off your horse...?

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No more headaches when I ride

“No more headaches when I ride! I am so much stronger in the saddle and on the ground. It's wonderful to enjoy this newly found stamina that was inside me all along.” –Annie S. (client)

Finally In The Driver's Seat

“Using what I learned from Cait, I finally feel like I am in the driver's seat and my horse loves me for it.” –Lori T. (client)

Greatly Improved Beloved Hobbies

“Cait has taught me so many tips and tricks that I use both on my horse and on the golf course, too. Working with her has greatly improved both of my beloved hobbies and for that I am forever grateful!” –Beth A. (client)

I am energized and refuelled to start again!

"Cait is able to zero in on my needs and goals with incredible specificity. I have seen her achieve the same results in groups, both live and online for many years." –Bonnie C. (client)

Here's what you get inside

An opportunity to tell me your equestrian story from the ground up!

Pre-workshop, we'll meet in a private, virtual consult chat where you can share the details of your life with horses and I will listen—wholeheartedly.


  • A one day, small group mindset, fitness and stress relief workshop in two parts with morning and afternoon sessions (90 minutes each)
  • A virtual group Q & A follow-up
  • Access to the workshop sessions on demand in a private, online membership library that includes its own go anywhere, anytime free app!

Space for this personalized, safe, fun and supremely informative opportunity is extremely limited. 

Sign-up today to reserve your spot for this one of kind virtual experience that is sure to change your exchange with horses forever!

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Equestrian Essentials with Cait Lynch is a workshop for horsewomen to help them get fit for the season, physically and mentally. 

The workshop is designed based on my experience as a lifelong equestrian, a horse trainer and riding coach for 30 years and fitness and nutrition coach for 20 years.

The purpose is to offer sports specific (riding), cross-training (fitness) exercises that can be done without equipment, at home (or anywhere) to improve strength, balance, endurance and confidence in the saddle and beyond. 

This workshop offers a ‘horseless’ opportunity to improve or enhance equestrian ability on a fair playing field at Epic Sun Farm or in the comfort of home.

Horses are horses; rider level, discipline/style (eg English/western) and experience are irrelevant for this workshop.

Pre-workshop, I am meeting privately (online) with each participant to chat about what their specific goals are for joining us. We will also proactively go over any questions or concerns. (A link to book a time is sent after registration is complete.)

The workshop is in two parts: 11 AM to 12:30 PM and then 1:30 PM  to 3:00 PM (EST).

The AM session will go over key posture foundations for equestrians that also apply to everyday life. 

Then, I will guide the women through what I consider to be eight, essential fitness exercises for riders.

Note that this is not a 90 minute workout! 

Form and technique are paramount as are individual modifications and then practice as a group. 

Everyone will be encouraged to go at their own pace and to pause and ask questions as required.

We break for lunch at 12:30.

At 1:30, we regroup for the afternoon session which focuses on simple, stress management solutions to help with focus and confidence both in and out of the saddle. 

For example, we will trouble shoot how to navigate specific, horse-related scenarios, both in the saddle and on the ground, gracefully and safely.

The workshop wraps-up with a mobility and stretching practice to help maintain flexibility and prevent injury both in and out of the saddle.

The limited space for this opportunity lends itself to be an interactive, fun and safe forum for like-minded horse lovers to both leg-up and level-up for this season and beyond, both on their horses and throughout their everyday lives. 

Spots are going fast!


(Subject to Change)

Workshop Prep: TBD

Schedule your virtual, pre-workshop coffee with Cait (Link to schedule will be provided upon registration).

Workshop Day: TBD

Get ready to transform your time with your horse in the saddle and on the ground!

Part I: 11-12:30 PM, EST

  • 3 Stress-Tackling Techniques you can use almost anywhere, anytime on and off your horse
  • 6 Essentials of Equestrian Posture for greater balance, endurance, safety & more fun!
  • 8 Simple, zero impact, equipment-free exercises to help you do right by your horse and yourself!  

This workshop will focus on foundational fitness that is

  • Core-Focused
  • Balance Based
  • Endurance Enhancing
  • All fitness levels and body types friendly
  • Transformational

Pssst! It's all good!

We will go over the how to's of the exercises (including modifications) but you will NOT be exercising for 90 minutes.

Part II: 1:30-3:00 PM, EST

  • Three Wellness Keys to bring the best of who you are to the barn and beyond
  • A straightforward, mobility boosting stretching practice you can do almost anywhere, anytime
  • Wrap-Up + Q & A

Access to the on demand library of workshop videos TBA.

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