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Your Extraordinary, Equestrian Experience continues with Cait Lynch.

Cait's training and coaching are designed for horse owners and riders who want to take their experience to the next level. Cait provides step-by-step instructions, expert advice, and proven techniques to help you get the results you want.

Cait's diverse, equestrian background as a Pony Clubber, Hunter/Jumper, Eventer turned Dressage enthusiast, English snob turned appreciator of Western and, longtime student of horsemanship—along with her expertise as an acclaimed nutrition and fitness coach—makes her style as your coach unique.

Specializing in anatomy-based, functional fitness that focuses on mobility, strength and balance—work with Cait to celebrate, connect and enjoy everything horses and health.

☀️Your Extraordinary, Equestrian Experience Continues with Cait Lynch

Epic Sun Farm, Warkworth, Ontario CANADA | Online, Worldwide

👋Hi! I'm Cait Lynch. I am a lifelong equestrian. I'm also a nutrition and fitness coach, author, speaker, clinician and entrepreneur... 

As a horse trainer for over 30 years, coaching riders to 'do better' by their horses is what brought me to the nutrition and fitness industry 20+ years ago. 

To help my clients perform better in the saddle, I knew I needed to help them with their overall wellness/fitness out of the saddle.

Connecting with you 'without' your horse can be a great way to help you connect better 'with' your horse.

As a trainer and coach, I share proactive solutions in a safe forum that focus on wholistic wellness from the ground up, with an emphasis that we are a result of the choices that we make—both in and out of the saddle.

My equestrian background as a Pony Clubber, Hunter/Jumper, Eventer turned Dressage enthusiast, English snob turned appreciator of Western and, longtime student of horsemanship—along with my nutrition and fitness background—makes my style as a coach unique.

In person or online, blending compassion, humour, and fun into the elemental foundations of horses is my passion—in and out of the saddle.

Know better, choose better, be better.

Stay curious!

Cait Lynch, B.A

Equestrian, Nutrition & Fitness Coach
Owner, Epic Sun Farm | Founder, Custom Fit Vitality

Author, Speaker, Clinician & Entrepreneur
Daughter | Sister | Friend | Wife | Mother
Canine, Equine & Outdoor Lover

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Coaching, training, clinics, and workshops— on the ground and in the saddle—online, at my farm or yours...Join me to celebrate all things horses and health. Don't miss this opportunity for connection and intentional growth. Space is limited.

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  • Connect with a Coach/Trainer Who Cares
  • Understand the What, Why and How of Foundational Horsemanship & Classical Dressage Principles for ALL
  • Enjoy Customized Fitness for Equestrians for Increased Mobility, True Balance, Functional Strength, Flexibility & Endurancein and out of the saddle!
  • Discover Simple, Nutrition Practices that Work for More Focus, Clarity & Energy You Can Channel
  • Equine Immersion Opportunities that will Amaze You (and your horse!)

Cait = 3+ Coaches in 1 = Priceless

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Connection and intentional growth—with your horse!

Epic Sun Farm is a one of a kind, century old barn nestled in the rolling hills of Northumberland County Ontario, Canada.

Located just one and a half hours outside of Toronto, Epic Sun is private but not remote, with fully accessible, scenic indoor and outdoor spaces in which to gather, celebrate, connect and enjoy horses and health.

(NOTE: Given the nature of Cait's style as a coach and trainer, space is always limited. Serious inquiries only, please and thank you.)

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