Cait Lynch

Cait Lynch is a licensed coach with Equestrian Canada, as well as a nutrition, fitness, and corporate wellness coach. She is the founder of Custom Fit Vitality and resides on Epic Sun Farm in Warkworth, Ontario, Canada, alongside her husband, Derek, and daughter, Lila.

An accomplished writer, Cait is the author of three books: "Nourish" (2016), "Nourish Express Lane: The 10 Day Guide to Bring Your Body Home" (2019), and "Your Vitality Refresh" (2022).

While Cait's roots are deeply embedded in the equestrian world, her journey into nutrition and fitness coaching was spurred by cross-training for her equestrian clients. With a coaching career spanning back to 1990, Cait has worked with individuals both on the ground and on horseback. Her direct and passionate approach is seamlessly woven into everything she offers to the communities she serves.

What fuels Cait's enthusiasm is witnessing the transformative moments for both animals and humans, a sight that motivates her to eagerly embrace each new day.


Seeing the light go on for animals and humans makes Cait bounce out of bed every day.


In the year 2000, while engaged in horse training just outside of New York City, Cait received a diagnosis of Lyme disease, along with two additional tick-borne illnesses, babesiosis, and ehrlichiosis. This health setback sparked Cait's journey towards recovery and ignited her curiosity in comprehensive well-being, encompassing deep explorations into nutrition and mindset.

Leveraging her extensive 30+ years of coaching experience and roles as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and entrepreneur, Cait imparts proactive solutions rooted in holistic wellness from the ground up. This approach stems from her steadfast commitment to view setbacks as valuable lessons—investments towards crafting a life she cherishes.

When collaborating with Cait Lynch, expect to receive guidance on proactive solutions that prioritize holistic well-being, underlining the concept that our lives are shaped by the choices we make.

Cait's mantra is clear: "Know better, choose better, be better."

Cait caters to individuals striving to cultivate authentic, abundant, and balanced lives, extending the same encouragement to others seeking similar paths.

Men and women, spanning ages 10 to 75+, have joined Cait at the pinnacle of her century-old barn turned gym at Epic Sun Farm, as well as worldwide through online platforms and in-person engagements such as clinics, speaking events, and workshops.

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