Cait Lynch

Cait Lynch is an Equestrian Canada licensed coach, a nutrition, fitness and corporate wellness coach and the founder of Custom Fit Vitality. She works and lives on Epic Sun Farm in Warkworth, Ontario, Canada with her husband, Derek, and daughter, Lila. 

Cait is a writer and the author of three books: Nourish (2016), Nourish Express Lane: The 10 Day Guide to Bring Your Body Home (2019), and Your Vitality Refresh (2022).

As a lifelong equestrian, it was cross-training for her equestrian clients that brought Cait to the nutrition and fitness coaching industry.

 Having coached people both on the ground and on horseback since 1990, Cait’s direct and passionate approach blends into everything she offers to the communities she serves. 

Seeing the light go on for animals and humans is what makes Cait bounce out of bed every day.


In 2000, while training horses in just outside of New York City, Cait was diagnosed with Lyme disease and two other tick-borne illnesses, babesiosis and ehrlichiosis.

In the quest to regain her health, Cait's curiosity in wellness from the ground up, including deep dives into nutrition and mindset began in earnest. 

Drawing from her experience as a coach for 30+ years, a daughter, sister, wife, mother and an entrepreneur, Cait shares proactive solutions that focus on wholistic wellness from the ground up that stem from her commitment to look at failures as tuition—investments towards living a life she loves.

Coaching with Cait Lynch includes sharing proactive solutions that focus on wholistic wellness from the ground up, emphasizing that we are a result of the choices that we make.

Know better, choose better, be better.

Cait serves anyone who wants to cultivate an authentic, abundant, and balanced life while encouraging others the opportunity to do the same. 

Men and women, ages 10 to 75+, have joined Cait in the top of her century old barn turned gym at Epic Sun Farm and worldwide, online and in person through clinics, speaking engagements and workshops.

Cait Lynch, B.A | Owner, Epic Sun Farm 
Vitality Expert & Founder, Custom Fit Vitality

Horsewoman | Equestrian Trainer
Nutrition & Fitness Coach
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