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Horses & Humans

with Cait Lynch

Set You & Your Horse Up for Success!

Cait Lynch offers coaching, consults, training and clinics in foundational horsemanship & classical dressage—for all disciplines.

Providing practical, functional, and attainable horsemanship coaching and training, Cait's style as a coach and trainer makes sense to both horses and humans.

Hate Dressage?

With Cait on your side, there is NO screaming, NO muttering, NO going around in endless circles and NO watching-paint-dry coaching and training.

Dressage just means 'training'. 

Cait offers common sense, experience-based tips and tricks for forward, balanced and focused horse and rider teams.

Cait specializes in strong riders (who want more finesse) AND anxious riders (who need more confidence).

Looking for fresh eyes on your horse’s behaviour issues?

  • Rearing

  • Bucking

  • Biting

  • Trailer loading issues

  • Difficulties with vet & farrier

Cait can help! Get in touch for a consultation.

Hire Cait to help you find solutions that work for horse and human partnerships.


Whether you need to solution seek about an issue or you wish to level-up, work with Cait in person at Epic Sun Farm in Warkworth, ON or locally (Belleville, Peterborough & Cobourg) for coaching and lessons. 


Ask Cait about workshops, clinics and more—at your farm. (U.S. and Canada opportunities available.)

Need a virtual coach or consult? Cait can help!

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Cait Lynch, B.A.

Founder, Custom Fit Vitality 
Owner, Epic Sun Farm

Licensed Equestrian Canada Coach

Nutrition & Fitness Coach
Clinician | Speaker | Author

Originally from the States, Cait Lynch has been living and working in Canada as a coach since 2000.

Recently semi-retired from her human, nutrition and fitness coaching business, Cait is excited to circle-back to horses—her first love and passion.

With an emphasis on helping to create confident, fit and well-rounded partnerships, Cait looks at horse and rider teams from the ground up.

Coaching and training with Cait is comprehensive: Cait takes her 30+ years of coaching experience (and 48+ years as a horsewoman) and makes sure you understand the what, the why and the how to set yourself and your horse up for success.

What does success look like for you?

Great question!

Work with Cait to hone in on your goals or create new ones.

As a lifelong student of all things horses, Cait listens and helps guide you with her caring, empathetic coaching style.

Quality horsemanship and training IS quality horsemanship and training—no matter the breed or the saddle.

Regardless of your level, style, or the breed of your horse partner, Cait will meet you where you are at and help to take you further, whatever that means to you.

Cait offers coaching, consultations, half-day, full-day and two-day clinics.

Rates vary depending on location, number of participants and offering requests (eg riding versus ground work/in hand work, versus trailer loading or behaviour issues, versus fitness training for riders—or combinations of any of the aforementioned).

To ensure she offers what you are looking for from a coach or clinician, prior to working with Cait, all students and participants take a brief survey. 

If the spirit moves you to learn more, Cait would be happy to chat anytime about your specific needs.

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Feedback About Cait...

Karin Russell

"Cait is the most caring, intuitive and knowledgeable coach that I’ve ever met."

Cheryl Payne

"Cait joined us for the very first time this year [Kawartha pony Club Rally] adding tremendous experience and flair. Challenging minds as well as the physical beings, [Cait] looks at the teams as two athletes and helps to build better partnerships. Each member took away something new they didn’t know before and some new tools to add to their box of knowledge."

Jessica York

"Cait has a dynamic approach and she knows her stuff when it comes to both horses and riders!"

Vicki Vannieuwenhuyze

As a retired professional dancer and coach, I appreciate the value of finding and working with another professional who has dynamic work skills and qualities. I am humbled and privileged to have been able to work with Cait Lynch for more than 13 years now – and continue to do so. 

Cait is an inspirational and thoughtful leader who continues to remain curious about her coaching and her clients. She understands the anatomy of the body and ‘the what’ and ‘the how’ behind each training technique. She helps build not only her clients skills but their understanding of the why behind the training as well. 

Cait works closely with each of her clients, pivoting and modifying to build a unique, supportive and positive experience. I highly recommend investing your time with Cait. And, as she says, “Stay curious”.

Food for thought...

Straightening, balancing, and suppling work is so fundamental and of such universal value that it benefits every horse, regardless of breed or discipline, and it benefits every rider, regardless of tack and discipline.
It helps the horse not only to perform at a higher level and to a higher standard, but it also keeps him sound. This type of work is physical therapy, with the added benefit of being "performance enhancing".

-Thomas Ritter, Ritter Dressage

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