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Is This You?

Your birthdate and your dash…What are you doing between now and your death?

First, I understand that death is a tender topic.

But aren't you ready to discover simple, actionable steps to enhance the qualityjoy, and potential, pure thrill of the rest of your dash?

Are you stuck on the endless roller coaster of self-sabotage?

Is what used to work for you feeling stale?

Lately, do you feel like you have a continual case of what I like to call the 'screw-its'?

Does what sounded like a keen renewal plan in the middle of the night (or first thing in the morning) continually fall flat...?

Do you set good intentions and make promises without the support and new knowledge you need to succeed?

I've been there!

Sometimes I too wake-up with good intentions for the day and get started.

But then, when the 'witching hour rolls around', (for me this is between three o'clock and five o'clock PM, daily), sometimes I cave.

Or something 'comes up' and my plan goes out the window...Again.

Honestly, riding the self-sabotage roller coaster by imbibing in excess alcohol or filling the hole with some name-your-comfort-food-go-to or zoning out in front of Netflix again and again is exhausting.

Sound familiar...?

The truth is, continually letting yourself down is hard work for your mind, body and spirit.

The self-sabotage roller coaster is robbing you of your vitality.

We are the result of our choices. Our choices create habits and our habits create patterns.

In the moment, we think sleeping in or staying up too late every night is what we want. We reach for another glass of wine or a pint of ice cream because we want relief!

Life reveals to us that we are what we do on a continual basis. We see it in the mirror, we feel it in our clothes, we yearn for it in our relationships.

Do we really want to be tired, wired, bloated, cranky, anxious and lonely...?

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- Amanda,
Vitality Refresher

"I can't believe how well my clothes fit!"

Everything gets better when YOU get better!

I'm Cait Lynch and I am a vitality expert.

What does this mean?

Being an expert in vitality means I have had my share of flops! I've floundered and languished along (and alone) a lot.

After struggling to feel comfortable in my own skin for years, I finally decided to do something about it.

What started as a quest to conquer my own insecurities has turned into a straight forward system that is convenient and accessible, anywhere, anytime, and in all seasons of our lives.

I help my clients discover three simple steps that encourage practice over perfection as they step into the BEST of who they are and confidently show up in their lives—for real!

Plus, I am a nutrition, fitness and equestrian coach and author.

Drawing from my experience as a coach for 30+ years, a daughter, sister, wife, mother and an entrepreneur, my shares for proactive solutions that focus on wholistic wellness from the ground up, come from my commitment to look at my failures as tuition towards living a life I love.

Nourishing your mindset to look at set backs as feedback instead of failure—to keep intentionally learning and growing—is the key to getting off the self-sabotage roller coaster.

Forever curious, my goal as your coach is to emphasize that we are a result of the choices that we make.

Good news! Connection is the cure...

Once we know better, we can choose better and ultimately, be better. I'm talking about intentional growth instead of growth by happy accident (or no growth at all).

Custom Fit Vitality is a healthy lifestyle community that serves anyone who wants to cultivate an authentic, abundant, and balanced life while encouraging others the opportunity to do the same.

Stay curious!

Cait Lynch, B.A
Vitality Expert
Founder, Custom Fit Vitality

Nutrition, Fitness & Equestrian Coach

Entrepreneur |Author | Speaker | Student

Canine, Equine & Outdoor Lover 

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"When you find something that works for your body, it changes your life because your body is where you live your life...

Seeing the light go on for you is what makes me bounce out of bed—every day!"

- Cait Lynch, Vitality Expert

Cait, Epic Sun & Dylan, University of Vermont,1990

"My Vitality Refresh exceeded my expectations. It was exactly what I needed."

- Tanya,
Vitality Refresher

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What does anonymous mean?

Anonymous for this opportunity means that only you and I know that you are in the Challenge.

You'll get a daily email prompt to go watch a short, coaching video about how you can kick-start fat release so you can slide into your shorts!

No Facebook, no Instagram—no social media. No Zooms, no lives, no hassles, no worries!
It's all good. The 7-Day Fat Release Challenge is all about common sense tips that work!

Just follow my daily prompts and start releasing fat.

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7-Day Fat Release Challenge $27

10-Day Vitality Refresh

Take Back Your Self Control with 3 Simple Steps, in 10-Days or Less!

Tired of the self-sabotage roller coaster?

Are you stuck in an endless loop of self-sabotage?

Is what used to work for you feeling stale?

Lately, do you feel like you have a continual case of what I like to call the 'screw-its'?

Does what sounded like a keen renewal plan in the middle of the night (or first thing in the morning) continually fall flat...?

Do you set good intentions and make promises without support and new knowledge you need to succeed?

Get Nourished to Tame Your Monkey Mind, Release Belly Fat,
& Sleep like a Baby

Let’s tackle what’s taking up free rent in your head, body and spirit.

Let me show you how to tame your monkey minds, make peace with your worried, anxious guts.

Start anytime, at your convenience on your desktop or my free app.

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10-Day Vitality Refresh $97

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Tell me your story and I will listen wholeheartedly.

Based on your story, I will share customized, actionable step by baby steps you need to begin to clarify and actualize your goals.

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Learn actionable skills you can easily use to improve your daily life.

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One to One Coaching with Cait

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