The Horse As Your Mirror Experience (THYME): 120 Minutes

The PERFECT, one-of-a-kind gift for equestrians and horse lovers!

The Horse As Your Mirror Experience (THYME) is tailored specifically for Y-O-U. 

THYME makes a GREAT gift for yourself or the horse lover in your life who has everything (but this).

Learn SIMPLE & EASY ways to naturally 

  • boost self-confidence,
  • improve posture,
  • and relieve stress.

All offered in a safe, FUN forum at Epic Sun Farm in Warkworth, Ontario with professional, compassionate guidance led by Vitality Expert and Licensed Equestrian Coach Cait Lynch, the goal of THYME is to encourage and empower confident, fit, and well-rounded horse lovers.

After THYME, you will have your own, personalized road map to

  • feeling more at ease in your body,
  • be calmer in your mind,
  • and with a happier, overall spirit.

THYME, at Epic Sun Farm in Warkworth, ON is the *perfect* gift to love and support the healthy and happy horse enthusiast!

THYME is more than just an encounter—it's an invitation to step into your power.

THYME is in two parts:
(Approximately  2 hours, total)

PART I: Learn five (5) SIMPLE & EASY exercises to improve posture, balance and strength (in Cait’s indoor studio).

Almost anywhere, anytime, practical things you can do for quick and easy self-care—in and out of the saddle!

This is NOT a workout; it’s better!

  • axe anxiety
  • enhance self-confidence
  • improve posture (no nagging!)

PART II: Learn, and practice in real-time, five (5), SIMPLE & EASY, fundamental horsemanship skills in carefully choreographed, hands-on time in the stable with Cait’s horses.

All done on the ground, no riding required.

You can use these groundwork techniques to effectively deepen the bond with your own horse or the school horse you love the most!

Note: No experience necessary. The only prerequisite is a love of horses.


We start THYME in the studio, as you embark on a personal journey to uncover the link between your movement (or your lack thereof) and confidence in all areas of life.

I will share, tailored to you, five (5) SIMPLE & EASY, mobility, strength, balance, and stress relieving exercises—again, chosen specifically for you.

FYI, this is NOT a workout.

You will walk out of the studio with the road map to feeling more at ease in your body, calmer in your mind, and with a happier spirit.

When we head to the stable, if you are a seasoned horse enthusiast, you will learn five (5) ground work practices that will enhance your relationship with almost any horse, instantly. Truly.

If you are new to horses?

You will boost your confidence through this thoughtfully choreographed, encouraging and empowering, hands-on opportunity.

Whether you're elevating your confidence, expanding your self-care toolkit, or honing your equestrian skills, The Horse As Your Mirror Experience at Epic Sun Farm is for you.

Unlock Your Potential: It's THYME...

NOTE: All THYME sessions are by appointment reservation only and space is limited.

I’ve taught this to men and women, ages tween to 78+ and they LOVE it. So I decided to open this up to the public.

Given the nature of the work, I only offer a few of these sessions per month.

This is NOT a workout and all ‘horse work’ is done on the ground (E.g. No riding).

Questions? Contact me anytime.

It's THYME to step into your power!

Stay curious,

Cait Lynch, B.A.
Vitality Expert & Founder, Custom Fit Vitality
Owner & Trainer, Epic Sun Farm

Horsewoman | Equestrian Trainer
Nutrition & Fitness Coach
Entrepreneur | Author | Speaker | Student

Canine, Equine & Outdoor Lover

Part I: In the Studio with Cait

Set yourself up for success!

  • Discuss your wellness goals in a private, non-judgmental, curious, and welcoming environment.
  • Receive a personalized posture assessment to improve daily movement and manage stress.
  • Get five (5), customized, SIMPLE & EASY, mobility, strength, balance and stress relieving exercises chosen specifically for you.

Part II: In the Stable 

Let the innate wisdom of horses be your guiding light on this exploration of possibilities.

  • Meet King Kyle and Keeva, your equine mirrors.
  • Practice movement techniques you learned in the studio and receive real-time feedback from the horses.
  • Spending time with horses can be a truly enjoyable and therapeutic experience.
  • Whether you're riding, grooming, or simply being in their presence, horses have a unique way of connecting with humans and providing a sense of peace and relaxation.
  • Here is your opportunity to be around horses, make the most of it and savour the time you spend with these majestic creatures.

NOTE: If you are a seasoned horse owner, handler or rider, you will learn five (5) ground work practices that you can use with almost any horse

Why Choose THYME?

  • Ignite curiosity and confidence in your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Improve your awareness of body language, mindset, and overall presence.
  • Take away tailored mobility, strength, balance and stress relieving  exercises you can do almost anywhere, any time!
  • Suitable for ALL horse enthusiasts from beginners through advanced.

Again, you will leave Epic Sun Farm with a road map to feeling more at ease in your body, calmer in your mind, and with a happier spirit.

Whether you're seeking to boost your confidence, expand your self-care toolkit, or enhance your equestrian skills, secure your spot for The Horse As Your Mirror Experience at Epic Sun Farm and embark on your transformative journey today.


NOTE: The Retail Value of THYME = $250, plus HST

Your price is just $200 (+ tax)

To reserve your session, you can purchase via credit card (on this page), or via e-transfer to: [email protected] (no password required).

After purchase, next steps will be sent to you via email. Please allow 24 hours.

What People Are Saying:

Cait's fun, straight forward tips always add value to my life. Always!


Cait's no nonsense, compassionate approach just makes sense to me. Cait doesn't waste my time.


Cait is (at least) three coaches in one: nutrition, fitness, equestrian PLUS lifestyle. I love her!


$200.00 CAD

DISCLAIMER: All matters regarding your health require medical supervision. The ideas, procedures and suggestions offered by Cait Lynch via the web, publications and/or at Custom Fit Vitality at Epic Sun Farm or any other venue are not intended as a substitute for consulting your physician.

All students must sign digital waiver (check your email).

All payments are final. No refunds given.