Your Horse Gets Better When YOU Get Better

Got neck tension? Headaches? Mouse shoulder? Jaw pain? Try this!

If you hold tension in your neck, that tension can translate to your horse. Truly.

Try this with me!

I share this with all of my clients and, once they learn it, they LOVE it.

This short, simple, gentle but effective, neck mobility practice can help increase your neck range of motion, and relieve tension. 

I do these to help myself! Maybe they can help you, too? Sign-up to check it out.

What you'll get: A six (6) minute video 

  • with coaching tips that work
  • that's anonymous (just watch & try)
  • and FREE!


P.S. This is a short, watch and try video with me. It is not a work out; it is not fancy!

I just hit record (in real time) during my own practice.

Cait Lynch, B.A.
Vitality Expert & Founder, Custom Fit Vitality

Horsewoman | Equestrian Trainer
Nutrition & Fitness Coach
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What People Are Saying:

Cait's fun, straight forward tips always add value to my life. Always!


Cait's no nonsense, compassionate approach just makes sense to me. Cait doesn't waste my time.


Cait is (at least) three coaches in one: nutrition, fitness, equestrian PLUS lifestyle. I love her!