Mastering F-E-E-L for Equestrians

Ready for more feel?

Despite its importance, not everyone naturally possesses this skill. This class highlights the importance of intentional practices and teaches the cultivation of a heightened sense of feel.

You can expect:

1. A Positive Introduction: Speaking of feel...It is paramount to me that you feel comfortable at the farm and in the studio. You can expect to experience a supportive and non-intimidating environment, providing thoughtful and practical actionable steps.

2. Build Confidence: Gradually build and boost your confidence through carefully tailored exercises and guidance, creating a positive and empowering experience.

3. Understanding and Empathy: Receive personalized attention and understanding, as the class is designed to cater to the specific needs and concerns of both anxious and confident riders, fostering a compassionate learning environment.

4. Empowerment Tools: Learn practical tools and techniques to manage anxiety, both on and off the horse, empowering you to navigate riding situations with greater ease.

5. Enjoyable Exploration: Explore the joy of learning at your own pace, emphasizing a relaxed and enjoyable learning atmosphere that caters to the comfort level of anxious riders.

6. Enhanced Communication: Feel is the foundation for clear and nuanced communication with horses, facilitating a deeper understanding of their needs and emotions.

7. Building Trust: Developing feel fosters a mutual trust between rider and horse, creating a stronger and more respectful partnership.

8. Safety and Confidence: Riders with a heightened sense of feel can anticipate and respond to their horse's actions, enhancing safety and boosting the rider's confidence in various situations.

9. More Harmonious Movement: Feel allows riders to sense and respond to subtle cues, resulting in more coordinated and harmonious movements between horse and rider.

10. Versatility in Riding: Riders with a well-developed feel can adapt to different horses, disciplines, and riding styles, showcasing a versatile and skilled approach to equestrian activities.

Sound good? See you soon!


P.S. After your class, if you would like to continue working with me, we can explore your options for periodic or ongoing support and training. There are many!

Cait Lynch, B.A.
Vitality Expert & Founder, Custom Fit Vitality
Owner & Trainer, Epic Sun Farm

Horsewoman | Equestrian Trainer
Nutrition & Fitness Coach
Entrepreneur | Author | Speaker | Student

Canine, Equine & Outdoor Lover

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Cait is (at least) three coaches in one: nutrition, fitness, equestrian PLUS lifestyle. I love her!


Cait's no nonsense, compassionate approach just makes sense to me. Cait doesn't waste my time.


Cait's fun, straight forward tips always add value to my life. Always!


$85.00 CAD

DISCLAIMER: All matters regarding your health require medical supervision. The ideas, procedures and suggestions offered by Cait Lynch via the web, publications and/or at Custom Fit Vitality at Epic Sun Farm or any other venue are not intended as a substitute for consulting your physician.

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